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tic toc

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Feb. 17th, 2010 | 01:55 pm
music: light blub-rachel goodrich

oh the joys of being a student. well only 11 more months and no longer will i have people breathing down my breathe telling me they know it's hard to be student but if you manage your time correctly you can do it. well maybe if you people just assigned us assignments that were just time consuming and things that can focus our study better then the issue of time management would not be a issue. well no more stocker on phone. yeah it took one reject move and he disappeared just as fast as kool aid disolves. the last couple of days have been stomach pain horrible. i apparently ate something that was bad and got a slight case of food possessing. i know classic. the one thing i love deceived me. BASTERED!!! i finally invested in some key items. an adult looking bag. it doesn't have characters on it, words, odd prints, techno-color designs, or anything. it is a simple black Coach black C bag. i know...i know...i was just as surprised as you are when i bought it. i also purchased another new love. my P100 by Nikon. i have been looking at this camera forever it seems like (well 1 yr) you know how i work...and it's finally in my little hands and i love it. i can't wait to go take pictures now. this is brief. i have to get back to time managing my life.

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