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wrap up

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Jun. 27th, 2008 | 02:45 pm

so much has happen since the last time i wrote in this thing. the last thing i wrote was i was leaving to idaho for some winter fun which i did have and then i had to come back to the reality that winter fun can't last forever and sadness sometimes falls. my grandma passed away in feb. it's now been 4 months and i'm slowly get over it. her death was sudden and sad and wasn't suppost to happen. but in the mix of the darkness something wonderful did happen i started a relationship (i know scary). fun and exciting like the first drop on rollercoaster but all rollercoasters must end and come back to it's station and so did the relationship not to long ago. I'm not really sad because we both ended. we both have exciting new things coming up in our lives and we both don't know how to incorporate each other in to our seperate projects so it's easier to remain good friends and live it up that way. so that's the general wrap up.

not so good.
it's been two weeks since the end and i have been happy and doing good but i had my first moment today where i missed him. i was the fifth at lunch. my two friends and their partners. and me the lonely order of fish tacos. i should have got a box to go.

peace for now. i am at work. got to get back to the grind.

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